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Crime Mob Paintball

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Here we will all tell you a little infomation about our selfs: other sports/hobbies, what equiptment, all those kinds of things.


Nate - AKA : "Batch"/"NSBJ".  Currently owns a AKA viking with JMJ razor trigger and a Mighty Max.  Also has a unimount to hold his 45/45 tank.  It is shot with a viewloader Evolution II, or mostly with a halo B.  And of course it has a Dye Ultralight.  Also Batch roles with a DM Fizzle (DM4).  It is gloss red and has all stock parts shot with a Halo B and a uni.  Batch likes to play ( TRY) to play baskeball and thats about it. 


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 Crime Mob - paintball team from Stratham, New Hampshire